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People-oriented and set up a good example
     Fuxing has taken the lead in the China’s zipper industry and set a good example in the industy. The company has been greatly concerned and supported by national, provincial and Jinjiang municipal committees, governments and trade unions. Now Fuxing group has developed into a zipper producing chains, owning 4 branches, including Jinjiang Fuxing Zipper Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Fuxing Garment Co., Ltd., Fuxing Textile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Hongshi Fuxing High-tech Co., Ltd., which integrated the R&D, manufacturing and sale of zipper, zipper accessory and zipper machine as a whole. “People-oriented and create harmonity hand in hand” is not only the management tenet of Hongxing group but also the combination of the chairman’s spirit and modern management concept.
Development Course Brillant Example
     Look back to Fuxing’s development course, it’s easy to find that the good marketing concept of “stressing talent and quality, building brand and be people-oriented”played an important part in the course.
Establishing Period: Jinjiang Fuxing Zipper Co., Ltd. Was established in 1992, with only tens of workers and a small factory of 4 00 sq m. The factory became larger and larger for the chairman’s professional technology and sharp market vision. Since 1993, die-casting factory, elecroplating factory, zipper factory, dyeing factory, processing factory, single refuse silk factory and mould factory have been set up, the company has developed into a large one with tens of million RMB group and has been awarded as “Advanced Provincial Enterprise”, “Top 300 Provincial Enterprise Image”, Top 100 Quanzhou Private Enterprise”and “AAA Credit Enterprise”, etc.
Growing Period: The company has made a series of talent plans and talent encouraging measurement, introducing and training a large number of technicians, mangement staff which highly enhanced the comprehensive strength. The development capability of new products and normative management has been highly improved.
Steady Period: Facing the increasingly fierce competition, all the director has realized that “quality is market and quality is life”. Since 1998, Fuxing has held varied activities such as intensifying quality management according to the international industry norm, and introduced ISO9001 Quality Management System, lauched TQC to improve the product, cost, delivery and service quality. All the departments and workshops were participated which efficiently enhanced all staff’s quality awareness and improves the products quality. While stressing the quality, Fuxing has well realized that high-tech is the development drive and the source for industry advancement.
Not only rely on the introduction of advanced production equipmen, the company has set up its own R&D department and invested larger amount of capital in technology and product research and development, thus, enhancing our self-innovating capability and core competitiveness. By transforming the product structure, increasing the technology added value and enhancing the products grade and technology to realize the double adjustment of enterprise structure and product structure. The company has transformed from extensive marketing to systematic management marketing, service-oriented and technology-oriented to make our products personalized, enterprise normative and industry internationalized, thus enhancing our overall competiveness.
Now our products are 10 large series, thousands of series, including Nylon series, metal series, plastic and steel series, zinc alloy chains series, metal zipper puller and rubber arts & crafts, etc., which are widely used in garment, fashion, shoes & caps and bags, etc.
For futher development, we have cooperated with Software School of Xiamen University to develop new prducts. Now we have researched and developed special zippers which are used in aerospace, fire proof and medical industries.
Fuxing Group has made great achivement. In 1998, it was rewarded as “Quality Products” by Fujian Economic and Trade Commission and Fujian Township Enterprise Bureau; In 2001, it was awarded as “Brand and Key Enterprise of National Township Enterprises” by National Agricultural Bureaut; In 2002, we received GB/T9001-2000 Quality System Certification; In 2003, our products have passed the test by National Light Product Quality Guarantee Center; In May 2005, we passed OEKO-TEX STANDARD Certification, and in 2006, we have been awarded as “Fujian High-tech Enterprise”
Brand Development:
Facing the firerce competition of zipper industry, Fuxing, the leading one has realized that the importance of brand marketing. The company cooperates with Times Bright to provide the guidance and training of enterprise management mode and brand marketing mode for our staff, and we also establish a brand promotion group which is leaded by vice general manager and made of the excellent staff in R&D Department, Quality Control Department, Marketing Department, Technology Department, Production Department and HR Department to be responsible for the operation of overall brand strategy system.Fuxing has invested large amount of capital to provide the satisfactory 3F brand products for our clients. In 1998, it was awarded as “Fujian Famous Products”; in Dec 2002, it was awarded as “Quanzhou Famous Trademark” by Quanzhou Famous Trademark Identification and Protection Committee; In May 2005, it was awarded as “Top10 China Zipper Famous Brand”; In June 2006, it was awarded as “China Famous Trademark”, and in Sep.206, it was awarded as China Symbol Brand.”
The company has made a overall development strategy plans: Firstly, now 3F zippers are selling well in Europe, America, Asia and Middle-East as well as in domestic cities, and our trademark has been registered in more than 30 countries and districts. Secondly, The company has planned to made the zero-breakthrough of China Famous Brand in zipper industry in 2 years and our products quality are up to the standard of Europe and America in 3 years. We also intensify the inner resource integration and struggle to become listed company in 3 years. Thidly, the company will realize win-win combination and plan to set up 5 production bases in domestic cities and the first branch in Germany in 5 years.