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    Fuxing Textile ( Shanghai ) Co.Ltd. is located at Shi Hudang industrial zone in Shi Hudang town of Songjiang District, which is the intersection of the longest highway in China-¡°Tongsan highway¡±(A30) and the Shanghai-Hangzhou highway(A8). It covers an area of 33,000 square meters. The company mainly produces wool, zipppers knitwear and garments and other products. The zipper production is a brand¡ªname industry of our company with a ¡° Famous Chinese Trademark¡±reputation. Our company specializes in providing a variety of zip code and processed zippers, including nylon, steel, stealth, double-bone, metal zipper and zipper head attached to it. Meanwhile providing precision molds, machinery development of zipper manufacturing, electroplating, dyeing and other fine processing.
     We have a beautiful environment, blooming flowers, tree-lined, green area of more than 35 percent, fresh air. It provides the staff with the garden living environment . Apartment staff quauters, television, air-cinditioning are available, canteens and so on are equipped. There is a four-villa comprehensive office building, large libraries for staff to study, a light statium of recreation over 100 square meters, and large meeting rooms, fully equipped staff club.
     Fuxing Textile ( Shanghai ) Co.Ltd., our goal is to create a first ¨Cclass enterprise. Business philosphy: to maximize the value of the company to maintain profit growth;The service concept:Fuxing customers¡¯ satisfaction is always the pursuit; Work style: always to maintain strenuous entrepreneurial spirit; The spirit of enterprise : tolerance, integrity, pioneering and innovative and pragmatic. Sincerely welcome the people of insight at home and abroad to join us. We will provide a broad platform for you, and look forward to creating a better tomorrow with you .